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Pizza Kit
Pizza Kit
Pizza Kit
Pizza Kit
Pizza Kit
Pizza Kit
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Pizza Kit
Pizza Kit
Pizza Kit
Pizza Kit
Pizza Kit
Pizza Kit

Pizza Kit

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Kit pizzeria composed by: Pizza oven with support - Double roll rack - Fixed tank kneader capacity kg 25 - Pizza counter n. 3 doors with door display

This pack contains

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Mixer 30LN
Kneader 30LN
Dimensions cm 42 x 68x 66h
Weight kg 69-84.5
Packaging dimensions cm 85x 55 x 89 h
Capacity L32 - kg25
Oral capacity kg 75
Speed 90 rpm - double speed option 90 - 180 rpm
Power supply 230-400V/3/50Hz
Power kW0.75 (1HP)/ double speed option 0.75/0.55Kw(1/0.75HP)
Size cm 40x 26cm
Spiral light
Ideal for soft pizza dough, bread and piada
Structure covered with scratch-resistant paint
Safety Microswitch on bathtub lid
Standard fume polycarbonate cover
AISI 304 stainless steel tool and cover
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Electric pizza oven FES6 + 6
Electric pizza oven FES6+6
Dimensions cm 90x 108 x 75 h
Weight kg 159-174
Packaging dimensions cm 120 x 96 x93h
Internal dimensions N ° 2 Room ( 2 x cm 66 x 99.5x 14h)
Power Kw 14.4 (1Ph - 63A) (3Ph - 21A)
Power supply 230V/1N/50-60Hz - 400V / 3-3N / 50-60Hz
Temperature +50 + 500 ° C
Stainless steel front cover
Refractive cooking
Thermal insulation with rock wool coating
Doors with inspection glass in pirex
Interior lighting
Two thermostats for each room
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE

Stand for FES6 + 6
Stand for mod. FES6 + 6 - Dimensions cm 90 x 108 x 85 h
Pizza rolling / stretching machine RM30P
Stendipizza - Dilaminator Model BY RM30P
Product size Cm 42 x 42 x 65 h
Packaging dimensions Cm 61 x 78 x 69 h
Net / gross Kg 26 / 30
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Weight of dough 80 ÷ 210 gr
Type Two Pairs Roller
Adjusting thickness paste min 0.4 mm / max 4 mm
Pizza diameter Cm 14 to 31
Power of 0.37 Kw
Power supply Monophase V230/1/50 Hz
Great ease of use, thanks to the possibility to adjust the thickness of the dough as you want
It is perfect for round pizzas or pans
Equipped with oblique rollers to pass the cold dough
Pizza counter G-PZ3600TN-FC
Pizza counter with window PZ3600TN-FC-33
Climate class C
Dimensions C 202 x 80 x 100 h
Internal dimensions Cm 156.2 x 63 x 58 h
Packaging dimensions Cm 205.5 x 83 x 118 h
Net weight / Lord Kg 306/323
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Temperature -2°/+8°C
Doors NO 3
Capacity Liters 580
Ambient temperature +35°C / 50% UR
Refrigeration Ventilated
Shortening Electric
Refrigerant gas R 600a
Evaporation condensation Automatic
Temperature control Electronics
Insulation thickness 6 mm
Power W 398
Power supply Monophase V230/50Hz
Reversible doors No
Lighting No
Included No. 7 guide pairs per door
Temperature -2°/+8°C
May contain No. 10 GN trays 1/4 - Liters 40
Max working temperature +35°C / 50% UR
Refrigeration Static
Shortening To stop
Refrigerant gas R 600a
Condensed water evaporation Manual
Temperature control Electronics
Insulation thickness 4.5
Power W 145
Power supply Monophase V230/50Hz
Optional: Vaschetta
Refrigerated pizza counter
AISI 201 stainless steel structure
Built-in removable assembly for easy maintenance
Circular cold air trend so as not to directly invest the product
Electronic temperature control with digital thermostat
Electrical resistance around the door frame for condensation elimination
Automatic debriation with electrical resistance and automatic debriation temperature control
Automatic condensation water evaporation
Anti-corrosion treated evaporator
Door with return spring
Door seal without tools
Bottom with rounded corners
Height adjustable stainless steel feet
Stainless steel backrest
Possibility of wall support
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