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Bakery - pastry ovens

Bakery and pastry ovens are indispensable tools for those who work in this sector, offering the possibility of cooking a wide variety of products with maximum efficiency. The choice between electric or gas ovens depends on several factors, including personal preferences, the availability of energy resources and specific cooking needs.

Electric ovens are appreciated for their precision in temperature regulation, which ensures uniform cooking and allows you to obtain high-quality finished products. Gas ovens are often praised for their operational cost efficiency and provide moist heat that can be particularly beneficial for some breads and pastries, helping to improve the texture and volume of products.

Carefully evaluating your needs and the characteristics of each type of oven can help you make the most suitable decision to ensure high-quality products and efficient operation.

Some of the most renowned brands in the sector are PRISMAFOOD, SUD FORNI, COVEN, GARBIN, FIMAR etc.

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Gastronomy - pastry - bakery ovens

Electric oven grill - N. 4 x cm 43,3 x 35 - cm 58,9 x 66 x 58 h

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Electric oven with grill for gastronomy, pastry and bakery - Model NERO ECO 4 MEC GRILL - Mechanical control - Capacity n.4 handles/grids 43,3 x 35 - Tilt door - Power kW 3.15 + 1.7 grill - Single-phase power supply - Dimensions cm 58,9 x 66 x 58 h

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