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Hot benches

Hot counters represent an optimal solution for all those contexts in which it is essential to keep food not only at a constant and adequate temperature, but also visually attractive for the customer. These devices are particularly widespread in the catering sector, in pastry shops, bakeries and in all those environments where the freshness and quality of the products must be highlighted at their best.

The choice of a hot counter must therefore be based on a careful evaluation of your specific needs, considering factors such as capacity, size, design and additional features.

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Gastronomy display counters

Food Bank - cm 134.7 x 72 x 134.2 h

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Hot dietary - ModelBRIO137HOT - Ideal for exposure of hot products - Curved glass - No. 1 shelf cm 28 x 126.5 - No. 2 shelves cm 40 x 126.5 - Temperature +60°/+80°C - Capacity liters 450 - LED lighting - Dimensions cm 134.7 x 72 x 134

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