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Pastry display cabinets - 4.0

In the era of industry 4.0, pastry display cases are evolving rapidly, integrating cutting-edge technologies to improve both operational efficiency and customer experience. One of these innovations concerns the Wi-Fi connection, which opens up a range of possibilities for pastry chefs and managers of such businesses.

The possibility of remotely monitoring and regulating the environmental conditions inside the showcases guarantees not only the freshness and quality of the products on display but also a reduction in energy waste, thus aligning with the principles of sustainability. Additionally, collecting real-time data on customer preferences and stock levels can help bakery owners optimize supply and inventory management, minimizing unsold stock and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Pastry-ice cream shop displays - POSITIVE from -5 / + 18 ° C

Refrigerated display case - Capacity 300 Lt- cm 45 x 65 x 190 h

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Panoramic glass - Model VERSUS VRP304B - Black color - Ideal for pastry - Adjustment 4.0 - Panoramic glass - Front panel in painted steel - Ventilated refrigeration - Temperature -2/+10° C - With rotating wheels - Dimensions cm 45 x 65 x 190 h
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