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Induction plates

Induction hobs represent an innovative and sustainable choice for restaurant kitchens, offering numerous advantages compared to traditional gas or electric hobs. These griddles use a magnetic field to generate heat directly into the bottom of the pans, meaning energy is used more efficiently and heat is distributed more evenly.

From an energy efficiency point of view, professional induction hobs are superior to gas or electric alternatives, as they minimize heat dispersion into the environment, thus allowing you to reduce energy costs and environmental impact. This, combined with their durability and reliability, makes induction hobs an increasingly popular choice among catering professionals, who are looking to optimize the performance of their kitchen while moving towards more sustainable practices.

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Induction plates

Induction plate - Vetroceramica - cm 29 x 37 x 44 h

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Induction plate -Modello PFD20 - Ceramic hob - Inductive top part Ø 118÷220 mm - Plastic structure - Power 500÷2000W - Timer - Monophase - Dimensions cm 29 x 37 x 44 h NR 2 BANCO CASSA PER NEGOZIO FERRAMENTA. IL RULLO SCORREVOLE DEVE ESSERE CORTO IN MODO DA CODIFICARE GLI ARTICOLI PICCOLI, MENTRE DEVO AVER MODO DI CODIFICARE GLI ARTICOLI VOLUMINOSI...

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