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Self service bakery displays

Self-service bakery displays represent an innovative and practical solution to improve customers' shopping experience, while making product management by store managers more efficient. These systems allow customers to serve themselves, choosing from a wide range of fresh baked products, such as bread, croissants, desserts, and much more. Self-service autonomy reduces waiting times, increases customer satisfaction and can also help reduce waste, allowing easier control of product turnover.

The introduction of self-service displays requires careful planning to optimize space and customer flow within the store, as well as an assessment of specific needs in terms of storage capacity and product preservation.

In conclusion, self-service displays represent an excellent opportunity for bakeries that wish to innovate their business model, improving operational efficiency and offering customers a more satisfying and autonomous shopping experience.

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Self service bakery displays

Display - A paletta - 8 compartments - cm 150 x 70 x 180h

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Exhibitor with shovel system - Model Golf 2.0 - N°8 compartments - Stainless steel tubular frame 40 x 20 mm without living edges - Coating in melamine - Ribaltina, plexiglass palette - Plexiglass side joints (excluding back) - Dimensions cm 150 x 70 x180 h

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