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Citrus Juicers

Professional citrus juicers represent an indispensable tool for bars, restaurants, hotels and for anyone who wants to offer fresh, high-quality fruit juices.

Professional models stand out for their robustness and the ability to quickly squeeze large quantities of citrus fruit without compromising the flavor or nutritional properties of the juice.

They feature powerful motors, stainless steel components and advanced filter systems that effectively separate the juice from the pulp, peel and seeds.

Choosing a professional citrus juicer requires attention to several factors, including frequency of use, desired production volume, ease of cleaning and versatility.

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Citrus Juicers

Spremiagrumi - N. 3 ogive - cm 22 x 31 x 34 h

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Spremiagrumi - Model SPA4 - n. 3 ogive - Maximum height of the glass cm 12.5 - Power W 180 - Single-phase power supply 220-240V/50-60Hz - Painted aluminium alloy - Bath, filter and ogive in removable plastic - Waterproof motor - Dimensions cm 22 x 31 x 34 h 

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