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Chopping blocks

Blocks are indispensable elements in a butcher shop, serving as sturdy and reliable surfaces for processing meat.

Wooden blocks are appreciated for their resistance and ability to absorb shock, thus protecting knife blades. However, they require regular maintenance, including deep cleaning and oiling to keep the surface in good condition and prevent cracks from forming where bacteria could nest.

On the other hand, polypropylene logs offer modern advantages, such as ease of cleaning and resistance to odors and stains. However, they can be harder on knife blades, potentially reducing their lifespan.

The choice between wooden blocks and polypropylene blocks for a butcher's shop depends on the balance between tradition and innovation, as well as the specific maintenance and hygiene needs. While wood can offer a classic aesthetic and natural feel, polypropylene is a practical option for those looking for durability and ease of maintenance.

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