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Displays - Snack display

Snack displays prove to be indispensable tools for bars, restaurants, bakeries and any business that requires the conservation and display of food while maintaining its qualities unaltered. These devices can be divided into three main categories: hot, neutral, and refrigerated, each designed for specific storage needs.

Carefully considering the type of products displayed, the size of the available space and customer preferences can help find the most suitable solution to best enhance the culinary offering of a business.

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Displays - Snack display

Hot showcase - cm 50 x 35 x 25 h

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Hot showcase display - Mod. VBR4751 - Temperature +30/+90° C - AISI 304 stainless steel structure - Plexiglass sides and doors - Adjustable thermostat - humidification device - Power W 250 - Single-phase power supply 230V/50-60Hz - n° 1 shelf - Dimensions cm 50 x 35 x 25 h

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