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Food dehydrator - Smoker

Professional smoke dryers represent an innovative and increasingly appreciated solution in the catering and food production sector. These appliances combine drying and smoking functions, allowing you to prepare a wide range of products with intense flavors and optimal preservation.

Investing in a professional smoker dehydrator can transform the way restaurants, butchers, and small food producers approach food preparation, adding value to their products by introducing unique flavors and improving shelf life.

Choosing the right smoker dryer requires a careful evaluation of your specific needs, considering capacity, size, and additional features, to ensure that the investment is both efficient and productive over time.

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Food dehydrator - Smoker

Portable Cold Smoker - Capacity lt 2 - cm 27.6 x 26.6 x 16.3 h

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Smoker - Model SMOKE - Portable cold smoking - Container capacity 2 liters - In the container the vacuum is created, in this way it is possible to smoke foods (formings, sauces, creams, fish, meat, etc.) directly inside - Single-phase feeding V230/1/50Hz - Size cm 27.6 x 26.6 x 16.3 h

Food dehydrator - Smoker

Hot Air Dryer - N. 12 sheets cm 40 x 55 - Cm 63 x 65 x 83 h

€1,541.85 €1,623.00 €1,541.85 Senza tasse €1,881.06 Con tasse
Dryer - Model ESSICCATORE 12 T - To dehydrate fruit, vegetables, aromatic herbs, pasta, bees pollen, clay - Suitable for up to 12 pans cm 40 x 55 - Digital thermoregulator -Consumer W2000 - Stainless steel structure - Dimensions cm 63 x 65 x 83 h

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