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Kebab kit

Opening a kebab shop represents an exciting and potentially profitable business opportunity, attracting a large and varied clientele thanks to the popularity of this dish. To ensure success, it is essential to have a complete kit that covers all your startup needs.

First of all, the kitchen is the heart of the business, so you need to focus on purchasing professional equipment. A vertical kebab grill is essential, as it allows you to cook the meat evenly on all sides, keeping it juicy and tasty. Other necessary equipment includes a stovetop, an oven for pita bread or naan, commercial refrigerators for storing fresh ingredients, and a prep area equipped with large countertops and sinks. Don't forget an effective ventilation system to keep the kitchen environment comfortable and safe.

In addition to the kitchen equipment, the appearance and functionality of the room play a crucial role. It is important to create a welcoming and pleasant environment for customers, which encourages them to stay and return. This includes investing in comfortable furniture, a well-organized and efficient ordering counter.

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Kebab kit

Kit complete kebab

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Kit complete kebab composed of : Saladette refrigerated n. 3 door with lift portaingredienti - No. 1 fry top smooth - No. Friggitrice n. 2 tanks liters 10+10 - Gyros gas 6 burners - Electric knife - Stainless steel table cm 180 - Hood with motor cm 200

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