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Horizontal / vertical displays - 4.0

The horizontal and vertical showcases with WiFi connection represent an innovative solution in line with the principles of industry 4.0, aimed at optimizing the management and presentation of products in different sectors. These advanced technologies allow greater interactivity and flexibility, fundamental in an industrial context increasingly oriented towards digitalisation and automation.

The WiFi connection, in particular, opens up new possibilities for the remote management of display cases, allowing operators to update the displayed information in real time, monitor the conservation status of the products, and even regulate the internal temperature in the case of refrigerated display cases.

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Horizontal / vertical displays - 4.0

Horizontal display - From recessed - Temperature +14/+16°C - Capacity Lt. 320 - Cm...

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Horizontal exhibitor - Without panels - From recessed - Model KARINA - Ideal for chocolate - Temperature +14+16°C - Capacity lt 320 - No.1 shelves cm 39.6 x 127 -Optional: transaction configuration 4.0 - Dimensions Cm 134.1 x 73 x 91.9h
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