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Refrigerated tables without group

Tables without a refrigeration unit represent a versatile and efficient solution for professional kitchens, in particular for those that require flexibility in managing space and refrigeration resources. This type of refrigerated table is designed to be connected to a central refrigeration system or an external refrigeration unit, which allows for greater customization of work areas and optimized energy savings.

Opting for a table without a built-in unit also offers advantages in terms of maintenance and durability. Without the built-in refrigeration unit, the table itself is less prone to failure and easier to repair, since the refrigeration system is external. This aspect can translate into reduced maintenance costs and greater longevity of the equipment. Furthermore, the possibility of connecting the table to different refrigeration systems makes this type of equipment extremely adaptable to the changing needs of a professional kitchen.

Brands that stand out in the sector for the quality and durability of their products are MAPET, COOLHEAD, TECNODOM and many others.

Refrigerated tables without group

Refrigerated table - Tropicalized - No group - N. 2 glass doors - Alzatina - cm 138 x...

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Fridge table GN 1/1 - Model QRG2200SG - Tropicalized - Ventilated - Stainless steel - Glass doors - Top class 5 - With rear lift - Capacity lt 210 - Temperature +3/+10°C - Internal dimensions cm 80.5 x 56 x 60.5h - External dimensions cm 138 x 70 x 95 h
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