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Retarder proofers

The retarder-proofing cabinets and tables represent a revolution in the world of pizzerias, guaranteeing optimal control of the dough leavening process, which is essential for obtaining a superior quality pizza. These tools are designed to maintain constant temperature and humidity conditions, key elements for slow, natural leavening.

Investing in retarder-proofing cabinets and tables is an important step for any pizzeria aiming for excellence.

In an increasingly competitive market, where consumers are looking for authentic and high-quality culinary experiences, having the best technologies for dough leavening can really make the difference.

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Locking cabinet - Model FLZ900 - Operating temperature -20°/+35°C - Capacity liters 890 - Prepared for n. 20 pans cm 60 x 80 or 40 pans cm 60 x 40 - Relative humidity UR 55 ÷ 95 - Power W 1400 - Single-phase power supply V230/1/50Hz - Dimensions cm 80 x 101 x 212 h

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