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Mozzarella slicers

In the frenetic world of catering, especially in a pizzeria where the quality and freshness of the ingredients are fundamental, having the right tools can make the difference. Among these, the mozzarella cutter and the vegetable cutter are essential for optimizing preparation times and guaranteeing a high-quality final product.

Investing in quality equipment such as mozzarella cutters and vegetable cutters means not only improving time management and reducing waste, but also raising the standard of the food offered. This translates into greater customer satisfaction and, potentially, increased sales. For a pizzeria that wants to stand out in today's competitive market, these tools represent a smart investment.

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Vegetable Slicers

Cutterry - cm 22 x 61 x 52 h

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Vegetable cutter - Mod. TV2500 - Cut, fray, slice and grate - Structure coated with scratch-resistant polyurethane paint - Mouth in plastic material suitable for contact with food - Speed ​​rpm 255 - Dimensions cm 22 x 61 x 52 h

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