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Refrigerated cabinets negative temperatures (from -18 ° to -22 ° C)

Negative temperature solid door refrigerator cabinets are indispensable equipment for professional kitchens, especially for those that need to preserve frozen food in the long term while maintaining its nutritional and organoleptic properties intact. These cabinets are designed to ensure optimal food storage at sub-zero temperatures, typically between -10°C and -20°C, and are ideal for restaurants, hotels, pastry shops, and other catering businesses that require high standards of conservation of food products.

The choice of a negative temperature solid door refrigerated cabinet should be based on various criteria, including the necessary storage capacity, the dimensions of the appliance, energy efficiency, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Investing in a quality appliance means guaranteeing food safety and optimizing the workflow in the kitchen, two fundamental aspects for success in the catering sector.

Brands that stand out in the sector for the quality and durability of their products are FIMAR, COOLHEAD, KLIMAITALIA, TECFRIGO, MAPET, AFINOX, EVERLASTING, ILSA and many others.

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