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Retarder-proofing cabinets and tables

The retarder-prover cabinets are equipped with a system that allows you to precisely regulate the temperature and humidity inside the chamber, crucial elements for positively influencing the leavening process. Retarder provers tables also play an important role, especially in spaces where optimizing the work area is fundamental.

The choice between cabinets and tables, or the integration of both, will depend on your specific production needs and the configuration of your workspace. Investment in these professional solutions not only improves the quality of finished products but also contributes to standardizing production processes, a key element for success in the professional baking and pastry sector.

The best brands in the category MAPET, EVERLASTING, AFINOX.

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Locking cabinet - Model FLZ900 - Operating temperature -20°/+35°C - Capacity liters 890 - Prepared for n. 20 pans cm 60 x 80 or 40 pans cm 60 x 40 - Relative humidity UR 55 ÷ 95 - Power W 1400 - Single-phase power supply V230/1/50Hz - Dimensions cm 80 x 101 x 212 h

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