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Pizza kneader

Professional pizza mixers are indispensable tools in the kitchens of restaurants, pizzerias and wherever you want to offer quality pizza. These appliances, designed to mix the dough ingredients evenly and quickly, are the key to obtaining a perfect pizza base, with the right consistency and airiness.

Spiral mixers are among the most popular in pizzerias, thanks to their ability to work hard dough with minimal heat introduction, thus preserving the quality of the yeast and guaranteeing an excellent final result. Other types include fork mixers, which imitate the movement of human hands, and plunger arm mixers, ideal for softer, more hydrated dough.

Opting for high quality equipment not only improves the dough yield but also helps to optimize working times, there are renowned brands such as MECNOSUD, PRISMAFOOD, KEMPLEX and others.