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Alma offers the possibility to defer the payment in 2.3.4 installments. Payment aimed at private individuals, individual companies and companies

How does Alma work?

1. Choose the product that interests you and insert it in the cart

2. Record and enter all the requested data 3.

Choose Alma as a payment method. You can pay in 2.3.4 comfortable installments

4. The validation of your request is fast and you can immediately view the amount of the installments

5. You will make the promo payment immediately and the others after 30 days from each other

6. You will receive the jets for e-mail and the purchase will be completed after paying the first installment. 

Simple, fast and safe!

What are the conditions for using Alma?

What are the conditions for using Alma?

- payment available for amounts from 50 to € 2,000

- The cards of the following countries are accepted: France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, Ireland and Portugal

- Accepted payment circuits: Visa, Mastercard, American Express. It is possible to use both credit cards and debt (ATMs) and prepaid cards (such as Postepay, N26 and Revolution)

- The total amount of commissions will be added to the total amount of the order according to the number of installments chosen:

- 2 installments 0.78%

- 3 installments 1.59%

- 4 installments 2.39%

3D Secure Protocol

All transactions made with Alma are systematically subjected to a verification through the 3D secure protocol, managed by the customer's bank. This verification consists in sending a confirmation sms or a push notification in the customer's banking application, to confirm that the latter is at the origin of the transaction. This security procedure is implemented only for the payment of the first installments and not for subsequent ones.

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