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Retarder proofers

The retarder-prover cabinets and tables represent a cutting-edge solution for the needs of controlled leavening in the bakery and pastry sector. These tools are designed to optimize dough fermentation processes, ensuring superior and consistent results. The ability to precisely control temperature and humidity within these devices allows industry professionals to refine their recipes and processing techniques, obtaining excellent leavened products both in terms of flavor and texture.

Whether for bakeries, pastry shops or pizzerias, the retarder-proving cabinets and tables from the EVERLASTING and MAPET brands represent an excellent choice for those who aim for perfection in their work.

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Locking cabinet - Model FLZ900 - Operating temperature -20°/+35°C - Capacity liters 890 - Prepared for n. 20 pans cm 60 x 80 or 40 pans cm 60 x 40 - Relative humidity UR 55 ÷ 95 - Power W 1400 - Single-phase power supply V230/1/50Hz - Dimensions cm 80 x 101 x 212 h

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