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Wine dispenser by the glass

The wine dispenser by the glass represents an innovative and increasingly appreciated solution in the catering sector.

This system not only guarantees the freshness and correct conservation of the wine, but also offers greater efficiency in service and an elegant presentation that can attract a wider clientele.

Wine dispensers are designed to keep wine in optimal condition, protecting it from oxidation and the loss of aroma and taste that can occur once the bottle is opened.

For bar managers, the introduction of a wine dispenser by the glass therefore represents an investment that can lead to an improvement in service, an expansion of the offer and an increase in customer satisfaction, with potential positive effects on turnover.

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Wine dispenser by the glass

Calyx wine dispenser - N. 8 bottles - Cm L 100,2 x P 35,9 x 64.5 h

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Nitrogen / Wine dispenser - Model SOMMELIER8 - Plug & Play - AISI 304 stainless steel structure - Capacity: No. 8 bottles available online, two rooms of n. 4 bottles each - Power supply 220/240V-50 Hz - Dimensions cm L 100,2 x P 35,9 x 64.5 h
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