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Microwave ovens

Microwave ovens are an indispensable tool in restaurant kitchens, canteens and other catering environments, where speed and efficiency are essential. Unlike domestic models, professional microwave ovens are designed for intensive and continuous use, offering advanced features and greater internal capacity.

Furthermore, many professional models include advanced features such as the programming of preset recipes, the possibility of combining microwave cooking with other cooking methods (such as convection or grill), and uniform wave distribution systems, which guarantee homogeneous cooking of foods.

Among the most popular brands we find FIMAR, FAMA, HOTCLASS, SWEDLINGHAUS and others.

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Convection oven - Model S2 - stainless steel frame - stainless steel interior - housing for 3 grills - door with tempered glass for a better view of the cooking process - round resistance and higher speed of the engine uniforms the heat in the room - corners rounded room for easy cleaning - size cm 52,7 x 45 x 31.5 

Microwave ovens

Microonde - Capacity lt 30 - Digital - cm 49 x 64 x 40 h

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Microwave - Model D1PRO - Capacity lt 30 - Double magnetron - Stainless steel - Door with handle - Transparent glass - Safety lock - Digital display - Defrost function - Ready cooking signal - Fast cooking function - 2 fixed ceramic plates - Internal dimensions cm 37 x 37 x 19 h - Single-phase power supply - 3 levels (high/medium/defrost) - Dimensions cm...

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