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Refrigerated Tables

Refrigerated tables represent an indispensable solution for food preservation in the kitchens of restaurants, bars and other catering businesses. These tables combine the functionality of a work surface with that of a refrigerator, optimizing space and improving efficiency in the kitchen. Built in resistant and easy to clean materials, such as stainless steel, they guarantee hygiene and durability, two crucial factors in any culinary environment.

Choosing the ideal refrigerated table depends on several factors, including the space available, the type of food to be stored and the work volume. Investing in a high-quality model will not only improve the functionality of your kitchen but will also help reduce long-term operating costs, thanks to greater energy efficiency and less maintenance.

Brands that stand out in the sector for the quality and durability of their products are MAPET, KLIMAITALIA, FIMAR, EVERLASTING, AMITEK, COOLHEAD, TECNODOM and many others.