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Piadineria kit
Piadineria kit
Piadineria kit
Piadineria kit
Piadineria kit
Piadineria kit
Piadineria kit
Piadineria kit
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Piadineria kit
Piadineria kit
Piadineria kit
Piadineria kit
Piadineria kit
Piadineria kit
Piadineria kit
Piadineria kit

Piadineria kit

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Kit piadineria composed of: Blade gravity slicer 350 + Refrigerator cabinet + Stendipizza + Spiral mixer + Electric Cuocipiadina + Gas Fryer + Refrigerated display case

This pack contains

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Gravity slicer Sophia 350
Professional gravity slicer Model SOPHIA350
Line Professional
Size min. Cm 55 x 43 x 47 h
Max dimensions Cm 70 x 57 x 47 h
Packaging dimensions Cm 77 x 57 x 66 h
Weight KG 32
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Origin Italy
Blade diameter mm 350 mm
Sharpener Fixed
Cutting capacity mm 240 x 290
Plate mm 280 x 300
Racing wheel mm 330
Power kW 0.32
Power supply Monophase V230/1/50Hz
Professional slicer made of special alloy fusion of anodized aluminum, hygienic, anti-corrosion.
Refrigerator G-GN600TN
Refrigerator cabinet G-GN600TN
Energy class C
Dimensions Cm 68 x 81 x 201 h
Internal dimensions Cm 56 x 65.3 x 138.6 h
Packaging dimensions Cm 71 x 84 x 218 h
Net / gross Kg 135 / 155
Norma CE
Warranty 12 months
Doors No 1
Double temperature -2°/ +8°C
Refrigeration Static
Capacity Liters 507
Ambient temperature +32°C / 55% UR
Shortening To stop
Refrigerant gas R290
Condensed water evaporation Collection tank
Control panel Electronics
Insulation thickness mm 60 mm
Power W
Power supply Monophase 230/1/50Hz
Reversible doors Yes
Interior lighting Led No.
Included N. 3 griglie GN 2/1 + N. 3 couples guide
Refrigerated cabinet GN 2/1
Made of AISI 304 stainless steel
Static Refrigeration
Blower and internal air conveyor to uniform temperature
Built in upper compartment
Motor compartment with insulated sides
Electronic temperature control with digital thermostat
Electrical resistance around the door frame for condensation elimination
Elimination of condensation water via basin
Door with return spring
Door closure with key
Door seal without tools
Bottom with rounded corners
Back and back panels in galvanized sheet
AISI 304 stainless steel feet adjustable in height
Roller/dilaminator RM40P
Stendipizza - Dilaminator Model BY RM40P
Product size Cm 53 x 41 x 79 h
Packaging dimensions Cm 62 x 78 x 58 h
Net / gross Kg 35 / 46
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Weight of dough 210 ÷ 600 gr
Type Two Pairs Roller
Adjusting thickness paste min 0.4 mm / max 4 mm
Pizza diameter Cm 26 ÷ 40
Power of 0.37 Kw
Power supply Monophase V230/1/50 Hz
Great ease of use, thanks to the possibility to adjust the thickness of the dough as you want
It is perfect for round pizzas or pans
Equipped with oblique rollers to pass the cold dough
Spiral mixer IFM22
Spiral mixer Model BY IFM 22
Product size Cm 40 x 69 x 63 h
Size Diamentary 36 x 21 h
Packaging dimensions Cm 77 x 47 x 78 h
Net / gross Kg 82 / 101
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Head and tub Fixed
Speed 1
Bath capacity Liters 22
Weight of dough KG 18
Production of dough / hour 70 kg / h
Power supply Monophase V230/1/50Hz
Power total of 0.90 kW
Timer “o”
Wheels Kit “o”
White painted steel frame
The grid allows to insert the cascading ingredients while the machine is moving
The special shape of the spiral allows you to obtain perfectly mixed doughs in a few minutes
Refrigerated display case VOLGA
Refrigerated display case Model VOLGA P 400
Dimensions Cm 60 x 61.5 x 195 h
Packaging dimensions Cm 65 x 63 x 202 h
Net / gross Kg 76 / 81
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Temperature +3°C +10°C
Refrigerant gas R600a
Climate class 4 (30°C- 55%UR )
Net volume Liters 376
Gross volume Liters 410
Power W
Consumption 1.8 kW/h24h
Refrigeration Ventilated a roll- bond
Thermostat Electronics
Shortening Automatic
Enlightenment LED LED
Shelves NO 6
Anti-corrosion treated white steel sheet furniture
Environmental respect: Gas R 600a
Food Standard Plastic Bath
Round handle with integrated opening mechanism
2 adjustable feet
Evaporator foam with motorventilator
Grid shelf
Electric pip cooker CPE6-VA
Electric Cuocyplate CP6
Dimensions Cm 95 x 73 x 96 h
Origins Italy
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Cooking cm 90x60x38 h
Power 7.5 kw
Power supply 400V
Stainless steel exterior structure
High thermal conductivity special steel cooking plate or high-performance satin chrome cooking plate due to minor dispersions for irradiation, for the ability to accumulate heat and its simplicity in cleaning operations
Regulatory temperature
Piezoelectric flame ignition
Thermostatic temperature control with safety valve and thermocouple
Multi-sector self-stabilizing flame burner based on various models, ensuring high uniformity in heating
Fryer F13-74G
Gas fryer F13-74G
Line with depth Cm 70
Product size C 40 x 70,5 x 90 h
Net weight KG 61
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Origins Italy
Size cm 24 x 35 x 38 h
Varies N°1
Bath capacity 13
Dimensions basket 21 x 30 x 12 h
Baskets N°1
Production of potatoes 10 kg/h
Vase Closed with door
Power total 9.3 kw - kcal/h 8000
Power supply GPL - Metano
This product is the most complete of the "small" professional lines, the largest for robustness, reliability, safety and modularity.
Line made of 18/10 stainless steel finely satin: a great confirmation of the attractive and versatile style.
The ideal line for all catering professionals looking for a faithful and safe partner, for those who require maximum performance even in kitchens of special or special dimensions, with the pleasure of aesthetics.
Model made of stainless steel CrNi 18/10 AISI 304, with 2 mm thick top, Scotch-Brite surface satin finish, chromed details, rounded profiles.
Plans equipped with rear rack
IPX5 water protection knobs
With polished chrome-plated steel mesh basket, bathtub filter with basket support, guarantee of absolute hygiene.
Height adjustable feet
Easy maintenance thanks to simple front dash disassembly
Burners with pilot fire with piezoelectric ignition, taps with thermostatic valve with thermocouple.
Unloading fumes on the back, made completely safe
Nozzles for gas change.
Bacinella oil collection and filtering included.

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