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Backpacking kit
Backpacking kit
Backpacking kit
Backpacking kit
Backpacking kit
Backpacking kit
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Backpacking kit
Backpacking kit
Backpacking kit
Backpacking kit
Backpacking kit
Backpacking kit

Backpacking kit

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Paninoteca kit composed of: gravity slicer blade 350 + Gas sandwich plate + Gas fryer + Stainless steel working table + pizza bench

This pack contains

Sophia 350 Gravity slicer
Professional gravity slicer Model SOPHIA350
Line Professional
Size min. Cm 55 x 43 x 47 h
Max dimensions Cm 70 x 57 x 47 h
Packaging dimensions Cm 77 x 57 x 66 h
Weight KG 32
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Origin Italy
Blade diameter mm 350 mm
Sharpener Fixed
Cutting capacity mm 240 x 290
Plate mm 280 x 300
Racing wheel mm 330
Power kW 0.32
Power supply Monophase V230/1/50Hz
Professional slicer made of special alloy fusion of anodized aluminum, hygienic, anti-corrosion.
PG50LL2C Toaster and bun warmer plate
Round plate and pan warmer PG50LL2C
Dimensions Cm 58 x 37 x 25 h
Packaging dimensions Cm 65 x 45 x 45 h
Net weight KG 37
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Origins Italy
Type of stove Smooth
Lined bottom NO 2
Cooking area NO 1
Cooking top dimensions Cm 50 x 30
Thermostat 50° TO 300°C
Power BY 5800
Gas supply Metano / GPL (you can choose in order phase )
Stainless steel frame 18/10 mirror polished finish with channel
Perimeter for oil discharge and cooking residue
Refractory stainless steel hob
Cooking residue recovery drawer
Adjustable cooking area with thermostatic valve
Suitable for bars, circles, recreation centers. Tireless and performing ensure good work in peak hours.
Cleaning at the end of the evening is carried out by removing the steel frame, cleaning the perimeter canal of cooking residues and conveying fats and crumbs in the communicating exit hole with the pull-out drawer

F13-74G Gas fryer
Gas fryer F13-74G
Line with depth Cm 70
Product size C 40 x 70,5 x 90 h
Net weight KG 61
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Origins Italy
Size cm 24 x 35 x 38 h
Varies N°1
Bath capacity 13
Dimensions basket 21 x 30 x 12 h
Baskets N°1
Production of potatoes 10 kg/h
Vase Closed with door
Power total 9.3 kw - kcal/h 8000
Power supply GPL - Metano
This product is the most complete of the "small" professional lines, the largest for robustness, reliability, safety and modularity.
Line made of 18/10 stainless steel finely satin: a great confirmation of the attractive and versatile style.
The ideal line for all catering professionals looking for a faithful and safe partner, for those who require maximum performance even in kitchens of special or special dimensions, with the pleasure of aesthetics.
Model made of stainless steel CrNi 18/10 AISI 304, with 2 mm thick top, Scotch-Brite surface satin finish, chromed details, rounded profiles.
Plans equipped with rear rack
IPX5 water protection knobs
With polished chrome-plated steel mesh basket, bathtub filter with basket support, guarantee of absolute hygiene.
Height adjustable feet
Easy maintenance thanks to simple front dash disassembly
Burners with pilot fire with piezoelectric ignition, taps with thermostatic valve with thermocouple.
Unloading fumes on the back, made completely safe
Nozzles for gas change.
Bacinella oil collection and filtering included.
Stainless steel work table
Open work table Depth cm 60 (cm 140 x 60 x 85h)
Frame On three sides
Stainless steel Aisis 430
Flat thickness Cm 4
Square legs Cm 4 x 4
Supplied Disassembled
Origins Italy
Rules CE
Kit n. 4 wheels of which n. 2 with brake
G-PZ2600TN-FC Pizza counter
Pizza counter with window PZ2600TN-FC-33
Climate class C
Dimensions C 151 x 80 x 1435 h
Internal dimensions Cm 105.2 x 63 x 56 h
Packaging dimensions C 154 x 83 x 160 h
Net weight / Lord Kg 294/324
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Temperature -2°/+8°C
Doors NO 2
Capacity Liters 390
Ambient temperature +35°C / 50% UR
Refrigeration Ventilated
Shortening Electric
Refrigerant gas R 600a
Evaporation condensation Automatic
Temperature control Electronics
Insulation thickness 6 mm
Power W 275
Power supply Monophase V230/50Hz
Reversible doors No
Lighting No
Included No. 7 guide pairs per door
Temperature -2°/+8°C
May contain No. 7 trays GN 1/4 - Liters 24
Max working temperature +35°C / 50% UR
Refrigeration Static
Shortening To stop
Refrigerant gas R 600a
Condensed water evaporation Manual
Temperature control Electronics
Insulation thickness 4.5
Power W 145
Power supply Monophase V230/50Hz
Optional: Vaschetta
Refrigerated pizza counter
AISI 201 stainless steel structure
Built-in removable assembly for easy maintenance
Circular cold air trend so as not to directly invest the product
Electronic temperature control with digital thermostat
Electrical resistance around the door frame for condensation elimination
Automatic debriation with electrical resistance and automatic debriation temperature control
Automatic condensation water evaporation
Anti-corrosion treated evaporator
Door with return spring
Door seal without tools
Bottom with rounded corners
Height adjustable stainless steel feet
Stainless steel backrest
Possibility of wall support
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