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Bakery Kit
Bakery Kit
Bakery Kit
Bakery Kit
Bakery Kit
Bakery Kit
Bakery Kit
Bakery Kit
Bakery Kit
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Bakery Kit
Bakery Kit
Bakery Kit
Bakery Kit
Bakery Kit
Bakery Kit
Bakery Kit
Bakery Kit
Bakery Kit

Bakery Kit

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Kit pastry composed of: Single waffle plate + Chocolate bath + Refrigerated display case + Planetary kneader + Refrigerated table + Pastry fryer + Chocolate Temper + Pastry glass

This pack contains

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Single waffle maker WM15
Waffle Plate
Dimensions cm 34 x 37 x 24/58 h
Weight kg 11.5/14.5
Packaging dimensions cm 39 x 43 x 32 h
Power 1.5 kW
Power supply 220-240V/1N/50-60Hz
Temperature 50÷300°C
Thermostat 0÷5'
Waffel diameter 275 x 245 mm
Stainless steel frame
Baking plate teflonata
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Bain marie for chocolate CC-NUT-1S
Chocolate heater CC-NUT-1S
Dimensions cm 22.5 x 17.5 x 22 h
Net weight Kg 2
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Capacity 1 liter
Power supply 230V/1N - 50/60 Hz
Power kw 0.17
N.1 pressure bottle, equipped with 3-output cap
Thermostatic control up to 90°C
Maintenance temperature = 50°C (without overheating or drying)
Electrical resistance around stainless steel tank
Electronic accounting
Ideal for chocolate, honey, sauces and cheeses
Refrigerated pastry display case AK410PR
Refrigerated display case pastries AK410PR
Product size cm 70.6 x 70.6 x 180 h
Internal dimensions cm 63 x 62 x 118 h
Packaging dimensions cm 78 x 78 x 192 h
Weight kg 146 - 163
Origin Asia
Capacity 468
Temperature +2+8°C
Food V230/50Hz
Refrigerant R290
Temperature/Umidity max +30°C 60% HR
Power Watts 320
Energy class B
Steel and glass structure
Ventilated refrigeration
Built-in refrigeration unit
Digital control unit
Switch off compressor
Double glazing
Doors with hinges on the right not reversible
Easily lit front panel
Indoor LED light with ON/OFF switch
Revolving wheels of which 2 with brake
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Equipped with 3 chromed grids 48.6 x 51.1
Planetary mixer PL10
Planetary Kneader Model PL 10
Ideal for Morble dough and medium consistency dough (e.g. pizza, bread)
Dimensions Cm 47 x 45 x 60 h
Packaging dimensions Cm 54 x 45 x 77 h
Net weight KG 58
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Bath capacity Liters10
Capacity of dough KG 2.5
Bath AISI 304 stainless steel
Power by kW 600
Power supply Monophase V230/1/50Hz
Included Leaf shake, wire whip, hook
Structure made of aluminium casting
Power transmission to gears, of which 1 bronze gear and the other in steel
Overload protection of weight, overheating and current overload
Safety device on the lifting of the tank and on the grill
The tank can be disassembled so you can easily clean it and easily replace the accessories
Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh
Fruit: Suitable for mixing butter and eggs at high speed; preparation time is less than 15 minutes
UNCINO: Centrally located is suitable for kneading; preparation time is less than 30 minutes. Proportion of flour and water: 40% and 50% respectively
Refrigerated pastry table G-PA2100TN-FC
Table pastries G-PA2100TN-FC
Energy class C
Dimensions Cm 151 x 80 x 85 h
Internal dimensions Cm 105.2 x 63 x 58 h
Packaging dimensions Cm 154 x 83 x 88 h
Net weight / Lord Kg 92/106
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Temperature -2°/+8°C
Capacity Liters 390
Max working temperature +35°C / 50% UR
Refrigeration Ventilated
Shortening Electric
Refrigerant gas R 600
Condensed water evaporation Automatic
Temperature control Electronics
Insulation thickness 6 mm
Power W 275
Power supply Monophase V230/50Hz
Reversible doors No.
Lighting No.
Included No. 2 grids cm 60 x 40
Refrigerated table pastries
Made of AISI 201 stainless steel
Electronic control panel with digital display
Automatic debrining and evaporation water
Built-in removable assembly for easy maintenance
Door with magnetic seals
Rounded inner corners
Adjustable stainless steel feet
Door with return spring
Stainless steel backrest can be placed on the wall
Fryer for pastry FPR16
Pastry fryer FRI01552
Ideal for: Pastry
Size Cm 50.5 x 29.5 x 20 h
Dimensions basket Cm 45.5 x 24.5 x 9 h
Dimensions Cm 53.5 x 43.5 x 39.5 h
Packaging dimensions Cm 53 x 60 x 48 h
Structure Stainless steel
Bath Stainless steel
Cover œ”
With oil drain tap œ”
Oil capacity 16 liters
Temperature 50 TO 190°C
Safety thermostat 240° C
Power W 9000
Power supply Triphase V 380
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Origins European Community
Chocolate tempering machine MINITEMPER
Chocolate Temperatrice MINECRAFT
Product size cm 42 x 40 x 40 h
Norma CE
Warranty 12 months
Power 300 watts
Power supply 220/240 - 50 (on request 220/240 - 60 and 110 - 60) Volt - Hz
Capacity 5 L / 3 Kg
Small bench tempering machine, easy to use and with excellent value for money
Keeps chocolate in tempera for several hours, also thanks to customizable programs
The basins are interchangeable, for maximum ease of use and reduction of working time
Structure and basin are made of stainless steel AISI 304, transparent PET cover for the maintenance of temperature in total compliance with hygiene regulations
Pastry display case WDG237D
Pastry glass Model WDG237D
Product size Cm 120 x 66 x 120 h
Packaging dimensions Cm 127.2 x 73.2 x 126 h
Net/ Gross Kg 130/160
Warranty 24 months
Norma CE
Temperature +2°/+8°C
Refrigeration Ventilated
Refrigerant gas R 290
Power supply Monophase V220/1/50Hz
Power W 480
Shelves supplied NO 2
Grilled door Weight kg 15
Thermostat Digital Carel /Dixell
Climate class 3
Doors Slides
Front glass Curved
Lighting L
Capacity Liters 299
Stainless steel internal and external structure
Secop compressor - Donper
Sliding glass doors
Led lighting
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