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Pizza kit at home
Pizza kit at home
Pizza kit at home
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Pizza kit at home
Pizza kit at home
Pizza kit at home

Pizza kit at home

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Pizza kit at home composed of: Electric oven 1 pizza + Kg 5 kneader

This pack contains

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Electric pizza oven FP36RL
Electric pizza oven FP36
Product size Cm 55 x 43 x 25.5 h
Packaging dimensions Cm 75 x 65 x 60 h
Net weight / Lord Kg 21/33
Norma CE
Origins Italy
Warranty 12 months
Rooms NO 1
Cooking Refractory
Room size Cm 41 x 36 x 11 h
Thermostat 0°-330°C
Power supply Monophase V230/1/50 Hz
Power kWh
Pizza oven with stove top in refractory material
Suitable for pizzas, bread and focaccia.
It is equipped with door with glass and internal light
Each room is equipped with double thermostat for the adjustment of the sky and the plate.
Spiral mixer with fixed head IM8-230-10V
Spiral mixer Model IM8-230
Type Fixed tank
Size ø 26 x 21 cm
Bath capacity Liters 11
Dimensions mm 52 x 28 x 43 h
Weight Kg 30
Warranty 36 months
Norma CE
Origin Italy
flour capacity KG 5
Water capacity Liters 3
Maximum dough capacity Kg 8 ( flour + water)
Minimum dough capacity Kg 1( flour + water)
Time zone Kg/h 24
Minimum guaranteed amount Kg.0,3
Power supply Monophase V230/50/1 Hz
Power W 370
Speed NO 10
Spiral turns Rpm 80-240
Structure High thickness steel
Painting With non-toxic epoxy powders for food
Bathtub, spiral, turbulent Stainless steel
Transmission Chain
The IM 8 spiral kneader is a machine to make different types of dough, especially suitable for soft and high hydration dough such as pizza in the pan, Roman pine, gluten-free dough and for small and large yeasts
Designed and built as large kneading machines, the IM5 finds its use both for domestic and professional use.
Thanks to its extremely well-kept and reliable mechanics, the machine is silent, with low energy consumption and does not need any maintenance.
With the 10 rotation speeds it will be possible to make professional stacks with great ease
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