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Butcher kit
Butcher kit
Butcher kit
Butcher kit
Butcher kit
Butcher kit
Butcher kit
Butcher kit
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Butcher kit
Butcher kit
Butcher kit
Butcher kit
Butcher kit
Butcher kit
Butcher kit
Butcher kit

Butcher kit

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Macellery kit composed of : Meat counter cm 200 - Refrigerator cabinet - Bone bandsaw - Horizontal bagpipe 7 liters - Tritacarne 22 - Vetrina frollatura - Hamburgatrice - Ceppo wood

This pack contains

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Meat maturation showcase / Maturator FROLL.IT55
Meat aging display cabinet Model Froll it
Dimensions Cm 82 x 62 x 120 h
Packaging dimensions Cm 95 x 75 x 170 h
Net / gross Kg 100 / 120
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Origins Italy
Doors No 1
Temperature -2°/ +5°C
Moisture control 30%
Shelves No. 2 perforated stainless steel cm 46 x 65
Refrigerant gas R 290
Power W
Power supply Monophase V230/1/50Hz
Series Prepared for Industry 4.0
Series Gancera with two pipes
GENERAL FEATURES is a meat maturer able to control moisture, temperature, and ventilation through a digital control that allows you to have at hand all the values of the showcase and to manage the planning of the smoothing
HUMID-CONTROL system to manage moisture punctually
U.V.C lamp with germicidal function to sanitize the environmentn possibility to add (optional) ozone manufacturer, activated carbons, salt for greater hygroscopic effect, temperature control with heart probe
Anodized aluminum door with screened glass staggered with anti-U.V.A treatment
Triple glass for minimal thermal dispersion with built-in handle
External structure in black painted sheet
AISI 304 stainless steel interior
Internal air recirculation
Insulation thickness 50 mm
Segaossa SO155V
Bone bandsaw SO155V
Product size cm 44 X 37 X 81 h
Packaging dimensions cm 90 X 52 X 40 h
Weight 34
Blade length 155 cm
Max cut height 25 cm
Useful cutting height 15 cm
Cutting width 17 cm
Work plan 33 x 33 cm
Pulse diameter 190
Power engine hp 1 Kw 0.75
Power supply Triphase 400V-50Hz
Painted aluminium
Stainless Steel Worktop
Recording tent
Built-in cutter
Low Voltage Card 24V
Basic plot
Protection rating IP 65
8-16 mm series blade for fresh and frozen cut
Norma CE
Warranty 12 months


Horizontal manual bagging machineINO7
Insulator BY INO7
Product size cm 60 X 23.5 X 19.2 h
Model Manual Horizontal
Weight 19 kg
Packaging dimensions cm 80 x 30 x 35 h
Capacity 7 lt - 6 kg
Speed 2
Stainless steel cylinder 18/8 AISI 304
N° 3 funnels
Aluminum plate for food with special seal
Solid rectified steel rack
Precision Gears
Maximum performance and very long duration
Unscrupulous machining of all mechanical parts
Norma CE
Warranty 12 months


Steak grill PHR100
Bistecca PHR100
Product size cm 10 x 17 x 31 h
Weight 4.6 kg
Packaging dimensions cm 28 x 28 x 31 h
Size 10 cm
Aluminium titled alloy fuse and protected by anodic oxidation
Complete with a paper pack
Stainless steel anodised aluminium pre-carnal tray
Built-in cellophane container and sample cellophane discs
Operation by control lever
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Stainless steel refrigerator cabinet F1400TN
Refrigerated cabinet Model F1400TN
Dimensions Cm 144 x 80 x 205 h
Packaging dimensions Cm 150 x 85 x 220 h
Gross weight Kg 190
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Origins Italy
Doors No 2
Temperature 0° / +8°C (only environment )
Refrigeration Ventilated
Shortening Automatic
Evaporation Automatic
Temperature control Electronics
Refrigerant gas R 290
Power supply Monophase V230/1/50Hz
Included No. 6 grids cm 65 x 53 + n. 6 pairs guide
Internal/external structure in stainless steel with exclusion of the bottom, ceiling and back
Rounded inner corners
Polyurethane insulation without CFC, high pressure injected
Insulation thickness mm 60
Doors with automatic closure
Magnetic seal
Automatic condensation water purification and evaporation
Guides supplied with anti-rebalt
Refrigerated counter SPEED8
Refrigerated counter BY HCIVED820
Dimensions cm 202.5 x 80 x 123 h
Temperature -1°/+5°C
Useful exhibition space of depth 48.5 cm
Refrigerated reservation with doors with useful opening 44 x 27 cm
Exhibition floor 1.08 m2
Refrigerated reserve volume m3 0.57
Refrigerated reserve door N°3
Power supply 230V
Power fridge Watt 675
Climate class 3M1
Noise level dBA 52
Power absorbed Watt 1243
Refrigerant gas R452a
For display Carne
External structure in prepainted steel sheet
ABS straps
Worktop operator in AISI 304
Exposure plan in AISI 304
Automatic condensation evaporation
Automatic defrosting
Curved glass top tipping
Led lighting under the upper floor
Spare doors with useful opening thermoformed and insulated
Electronic temperature control Carel
Top part in melamine laminate
Finishes with aluminium profiles
Analog temperature indicator placed in the showcase
Front band available in 10 colours without surcharge
Type of compressor Embraco
Norma CE
Warranty 12 months
Acacia wood block CCL1744
Wooden log
Product size cm 40 x 40 x 90 h
Norma CE
Warranty 12 months
Structure Acacia wood
Painting Atoxide
Thickness 17 cm
Acacia wood log and stool
Treated with atoxic paint and ecological glues (according to current rules)
Assembled with pressure and internally with special wooden frames
Eco-friendly and recyclable battalions. Reversible
Meat mincer 22SN
Tritacarne 22SN-T
Dimensions cm 45 x 29 x 52 h
Weight kg 23-25
Packaging dimensions cm 54 x 30x 48 h
Inlet mouth diameter 52 mm
Production Kg/h 150-250Kg/h
Power Kw1.1 (1.5HP)
Power supply 400V/3/50Hz
Free mouth 14x7.5 cm
Polished aluminium frame
Stainless steel frame
Low Voltage Commands
Reducers with oil bath gears
Warranty 12 months
Norma CE
Includes enterprise system with stainless steel plate and self-reliant stainless steel knife

AISI 304 stainless steel extractable grinding group
Food treated cast iron grinding group
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